"No experience is wasted."
"No experience is wasted."
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We are currently living a life through many experiences we set up for ourselves. Myself included. With each experience, we go through a diverse number of emotions and events such as joy, sadness, satisfaction, and regret. However, it is within my belief all these experiences will lead to various directions in life. More than often, people are afraid of failure. Even if you fail repeatedly, as long as you continue to challenge yourself without giving up, you will have the mindset to overcome hardships; because of these hardships, we can become stronger and transform ourselves into better versions of ourselves. However there are some people who can turn failure into a meaningful experience for success. For example, Connell Sanders is the founder of KFC. Today, he is familiar to us in the form of a grandfather in a white suit and with a cane. But, he was also an icon for failure, he failed about 600 times. Nevertheless, he did not give up and continued to acknowledge his failure by learning from his mistakes and working towards progress. As a result, he finally became the CEO of the world's best fried chicken franchise. He made good use of failure and turned it into a meaningful and valuable experience. In conclusion, as we look towards the future, no one knows how many failures and successes we will encounter. However, as August Rene Rodin said, “if you use your experience wisely, nothing will be a waste of time.” If there is anything we learn and realize through those numerous experiences, even the time we perceived to be a waste will have 'meaning'. I personally want to tell you not to be afraid of failure. Think about your goals and dreams and grow through those experiences to make life more valuable.

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