KU Selected for LINC 3.0 Project by Ministry of Education and Korea Research Foundation
KU Selected for LINC 3.0 Project by Ministry of Education and Korea Research Foundation
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Kyungnam University (KU) was recently selected by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation for LINC 3.0 Project, the third phase of Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC). For this project, KU is to receive a total of 24 billion won over the six years until 2027 in order to cultivate competent talents who meet the needs of the industry and future society in earnest through the project vision of 'Realization of Local Impressive Entrepreneurial University through Industry-university Cooperation.’ To this end, KU plans to present a new paradigm for Industry-university Cooperation; such as, professional training, innovative research, sharing and collaborating system of corporate support, and sustainable industry-university cooperation, led by the squad of LINC 3.0. President Park Jae Kyu has stated, "This selection is the result of all university members playing a pivotal role in cultivating future talents and fostering regional industry-university cooperation that the industry and the region want," adding, "We hope that the talents and innovative technology that KU holds will present the future of new industry-university cooperation." Park Eun-ju, head of the LINC 3.0 project, said, "Based on the experience of the LINC project that we (KU) have accumulated over the past eight years, we will present a new model of entrepreneurship education that companies want by providing an original industry-university-friendly curriculum called Ilmeori Education which helps improve the effectiveness and performance of work.”

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