KU Selected as 'Gyeongnam Unification Education Center' by the Ministry of Unification
KU Selected as 'Gyeongnam Unification Education Center' by the Ministry of Unification
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Kyungnam University was selected as a main organization for Gyeongnam Unification Education in the project of ‘2022 Regional Unification Education Center (RUEC)’ under the supervision of the Ministry of Unification. As a large-scale project, RUEC is aimed at selecting regional institutions with the will and ability for unification education to revitalize unification education in thelocal community and create the expertise, systematicity, and effectiveness in terms of unification education. The programs conducted by the Unification Education Center include unification-related lectures and experiential learning, workshops by the Unification Education Committee, management and support of the steering committee and local committees, and specialization and joint projects by region. In addition, programs are being run to raise interest and understanding of the unification consciousness of residents. This year, the existing seven regional unification education centers have been expanded and reorganized into 10 systems to provide peace and unification education services in a balanced manner among regions. As a result of this selection, KU as a main organization that organizes unification education in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam, has been given the project expenses from 2022 to 2024 to build a balanced integrated unification education system in the region, form a social consensus on unification education, and make unification education together with residents and society. Since 2020, KU has developed and provided a unification education platform and various educational programs in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to strengthen the unification capacity in the region and expand the governance of social unification education.

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