KU's International Exchange Programs: Fairleigh Dickinson University Exchange Students & Language and Culture Training Programs
KU's International Exchange Programs: Fairleigh Dickinson University Exchange Students & Language and Culture Training Programs
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One of the students' bucket lists for
campus life is traveling abroad. It is
clear that traveling abroad is a good
experience for students. However, it
can be burdensome for students in
terms of cost. Here is a good way to kill
two birds with one stone: participate in
KU's language training program. KU has
signed academic exchange agreements with 133 universities in 27 countries to foster
global talent and strengthen global human networking through activities such
as overseas exchange student programs, academic exchanges, and overseas
language training. This time, I would like to introduce Fairleigh Dickinson
University (FDU) in New Jersey, USA.
FDU is the first sister university of KU, and since the mid-1980s,
exchanges and cooperation between professors, employees, and students
of KU have been active. In particular, FDU is all the more meaningful
because it is a school where President Park Jae Kyu of KU obtained a
doctorate degree. Founded in 1942, FDU is the largest private university
in New Jersey and is known for its practical
education, not a theory based. It provides
more than 100 undergraduate and graduate
degree programs including doctoral programs
in pharmacy, nursing practice, clinical psychology, and
school psychology. It offers excellent programs related
to international relations and diplomacy. Its curriculum
also reflects its mission on global education. You can
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come to FDU as an international exchange student
for one year. Qualifications for application must
be students who have completed at least one
semester at KU and have an average credit of 3.0
or more in the previous semester. Plus, the TOEFL
IBT score must be at least 80 points, and at least
one semester must remain after completion as an
exchange student.
In addition to exchange students, you can go to
FDU for cultural training for three weeks. The most
attractive thing about this program is that 50 percent
of the total training cost is supported by the school.
Language and culture training is conducted in a way
that enjoys major tourist attractions in the eastern
United States after 30 hours of English training.
During the training period, you can live in a dormitory
at FDU, communicate directly with native English
speakers, and improve your English conversation
skills. FDU is very close to New York, so you can
fully enjoy all the attractions you have only seen in
movies and media during the training period. It will
be a great opportunity to broaden your expectations
about the world while touring not only New York but
also Washington D.C. and Niagara Falls.
In conclusion, you have read about FDU; its
programs for exchange students and language and
cultural training. In addition to the FDU, KU has wellorganized
exchange students and overseas cultural
training programs to various countries around the
world. If you are interested in overseas training, I
hope you will take this opportunity and fulfill your
future dream at KU.


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