The 73rd Pre-Graduation Ceremony for the 2021 Academic Year
The 73rd Pre-Graduation Ceremony for the 2021 Academic Year
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  • 승인 2022.03.22 10:40
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Since Kyungnam University signed a mutual agreement with the Smart Manufacturing
ICT project group (an innovative platform in Ulsan and Gyeongsangnam-do), KU has
been showing great results as a central university of smart manufacturing ICT among
the universities which share USG (Univsersity System of Gyeongnam). KU was also
selected as a participating organization in the "2020 Smart Manufacturing High-Quality
Human Resources Training Project" conducted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and
Energy and the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation. Professor Park Tae-hyun of
the Department of Mechanical Engineering has run a "Smart Manufacturing Support
Project Group" that would contribute to fostering smart manufacturing-related talent
and expanding jobs.
In addition, KU has newly established a "The Smart Mechanical Convergence
Engineering (SMCE) major," based on an excellent education system tailored to the
era of the fourth industrial revolution and been striving to cultivate talented people
who can combine not only the mechanical field but also electricity, electronics, and
ICT fields. Especially, the SMCE major has been showing remarkable capabilities, with
85% of the applicants passing the Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive
Application (CATIA) certification test in 2021.


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