Inauguration Ceremony for 11th President Park Jae Kyu
Inauguration Ceremony for 11th President Park Jae Kyu
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  • 승인 2019.04.29 13:11
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By Choi Yeong-hyeon

  Dr. Park Jae Kyu, KU’s current president and the former Minister of Unification, was inaugurated as the 11th president of KU. The inaugural ceremony was held at the council chamber of Main Building on February 14, 2019. Kang Chang-hee, the former chairperson of the National Assembly, Lee Dae-soon, the chairperson of Hanma Academy Institute, and 350 guests participated in the ceremony. President Park has been leading KU to be a prestige university in the presence of many difficulties as the president and a professor of KU for about 45 years. With his insightful vision and long-lasting devotion to the university, KU was selected as one of high-level automatically improving universities by Ministry of Education. Moreover, he contrived to draw the mutual declaration between South and North Korea in his capacity as the Minister of Unification in 2000, and a standing member of the committee of NSC. 

  President Park said, “We have made every effort to improve the university as the representative one in the local community. KU has been accomplishing many successful national projects such as LINC+. It could be achieved by all Hanma members’ efforts and devotion.” He added, “The educational environment is getting worse and worse, but we can overcome the difficulties and realize our vision to be one of the most prestigious one in Korea.” Lastly, he made some proposals to design KU newly: fostering creative students with capability of convergence studies, accepting diverse educational recipients from local community, developing KU into a leading industrial-educational cooperation institute, and making a notable educational community enhancing student success.


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