KU's Support to Foster Global Talents
KU's Support to Foster Global Talents
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KT Senior Reporter

Kyungnam University is providing various types of scholarships for new students and undergraduates. Students can also participate in various language programs via sister universities abroad. As you know very well, the importance of foreign language proficiency is being emphasized in a global society. Therefore, it will be very helpful to have English and other foreign language skills suitable for your future job. In this issue, I will introduce two Pro Tips for you: foreign language proficiency scholarships and international exchange programs. KU's Support to Foster Global Talents By Kim Eun-seo KT Senior Reporter Kyungnam Times ● 11 ◉ Scholarships for Freshmen KU annually awards scholarships to freshmen with excellent foreign language skills. However, scholarships are limited to the grades acquired before admission. Applications are received in March and divided into grades A, B, and C. Foreign Language Proficiency Scholarship A TOEIC Speaking level 8, TOEIC 900 points, TOEFL (IBT 101 points), JPT 900 points, HSK level 6 or higher 2 million won B TOEIC Speaking level 7, TOEIC 800 points, TOEFL (IBT 88 points), JPT 800 points, HSK level 5 or higher 1.5 million won C TOEIC Speaking level 6, TOEIC 700 points, TOEFL (IBT 72 points), JPT 700 points, HSK level 4 or higher 1 million won ◉ International Exchange Programs KU is implementing various international exchange programs to offer students opportunities to learn foreign languages and build various experiences abroad: English training programs in the Philippines, and English language plus culture experience programs abroad. For overseas language and culture training, KU sends 20 students to international partnering universities in New Jersey and Florida, USA during the summer and winter vacations for 3 to 4 weeks. KU also sends 10 students to universities in Japan and China every year. You can also study as an exchange student in the U.S. if you are qualified for the program. Regarding the exchange student program, let me introduce it in detail in the next issue.

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