Remembering the March 15th Democratic Rally
Remembering the March 15th Democratic Rally
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By Nam Geon-hyuk
Department of Trade and Logistics at Kyungnam University


I was able to read the KT through my friend's recommendation. I read articles from the KT for the first time, and I was surprised to see many very interesting articles. An article in the KT details the March 15th Democratic Rally. If there's anyone who doesn't know much about that, I hope they will read this article and have a feeling of gratitude for courage and sacrifice of the people who participate in the Rally.

I know very well about the March 15th Democratic Rally because I have lived in Masan all my life. The March 15th Democratic Rally was a massive protest in Masan against former President Rhee Syngman's rigged presidential election. Many people were killed or injured during the demonstration. In particular, tear gas grenade found in the eyes of Kim Ju-yeol, a high school student, angered many people. His death sparked the April 19th Revolution, which resulted in a win for democracy.

 I am proud of Masan and the historic feat it achieved by preserving democracy. I also think it's amazing that the students at my age took charge of the rally and became successful. Through their courageous actions, I once again realize the importance of the democracy we are enjoying today. And I am determined to fight against the injustices which may threaten democracy.


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