Thanks KT for the Opportunity to Look Back on Myself!
Thanks KT for the Opportunity to Look Back on Myself!
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By Seong Jae-hyeop
Junior of the Aerospace Software Engineering at GyeongSang National University

I was introduced to KT through a good opportunity. I was able to read various articles, and I was attracted by the article, titled ‘Human Being Is Something That Must Be Overcome!’. The reason is that I do not usually think about how to overcome the crisis with religious belief. While reading the article, the phrase, “We should be aware of who we are, where we are, and how we should solve our own problems, not blindly listening to and following the pseudo-religious leaders’.” was a big enlightenment for me. I realized that I had tried to ignore religious leaders even after seeing them as a problem. From this article, I felt that it is more important to know myself, not by religious beliefs but by my own judgement. I should not just wait for God to solve it, but I should be the one who can first identify myself and solve the problem.

It was my first experience to read English articles and write in English. Not only was it a great opportunity to read interesting articles but it was an opportunity to change my mind. I hope that many people who read this article will be impressed; so, they can change their way of thinking from passive to active

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