“Life’s No Dress Rehearsal” -The Prom (movie)
“Life’s No Dress Rehearsal” -The Prom (movie)
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KT Reporter

Last winter, I saw a movie, The Prom. It is a musical about prom on the surface. It contains many positive messages such as family, friends, love, and success. In the movie, most of the songs are really good and meaningful. Among them, there is a phrase that captured my heart the most. ‘One thing's universal. Life's no dress rehearsal.’ When I heard this, I thought about my past; how I was lazy, lethargic, and aimless. I have always been doing something, but never been satisfied. However, this phrase made me realize. Then, I reflected on my time and attitudes and planned for the future that I want to face. So, the phrase of the movie became my motto.

People seldom do their best. Some of them do nothing at all, but say they should enjoy life in their twenties. However, life in your thirties is made through your twenties. There are no results without effort. A happy life never comes suddenly. It is a fruit given to those who have done their best consistently. Like the phrase above, life is not a rehearsal. You have a responsibility to do your best in your work and try to be happy in your life. By doing so, you will be successful. In conclusion, if you want to live your life properly, do not hesitate. Start right now.

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