KU Holds the 71st Pre- and Post-graduation Ceremony for the 2019 Academic Year
KU Holds the 71st Pre- and Post-graduation Ceremony for the 2019 Academic Year
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KU held the 71st pre- and post-graduation ceremony for the 2019 academic year on August 20. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community, KU has integrated the previous year's commencement ceremony, which was scheduled for last February, with the post-one scheduled for August. For the health and safety of graduates and guests, the event was held under the strict quarantine rules, with only the Representatives of the awardees attending. In addition, degree recipients and parents who were unable to attend the event due to the simplification of the event were able to watch the graduation ceremony in real time through YouTube streaming. The commencement ceremony produced a total of 3,372 outstanding talents.

In the celebration address, President Park Jae Kyu said, “While it is deserved to celebrate and share encouragement with all the graduates who have earned their glorious degrees today, the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has led to a simplified graduation ceremony with the attendance of a small number of graduates and their families to ensure the safety.” And he added, “we are really appreciative of your hard work in studying and research despite this crisis, and we expect you to show creative wisdom, challenges, and courage to move forward to the world and solve the problems you face in an original way, based on your knowledge and skills trained in college."



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