Thank KT for Good Articles!
Thank KT for Good Articles!
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By Park Hye-jin Senior of the Business Administration at Busan National University

I came to know KT through a good opportunity, and I was able to read various good articles. A short time ago, Among the various articles, I was especially fascinated by the article titled ‘Experience never gets old.' The reason this article was so attractive to me is that I am a person who thinks positively about having various experiences. While reading the article, the phrase, "It is more important to challenge than to worry about the results before even trying," touched my heart. After becoming a college student and an adult, the responsibility for choice became heavier. In addition, as I began to think more deeply about the future, I discovered that my passionate spirit was getting weaker and the fear of challenge was ever growing. While reading this article, I thought that I should have the spirit of challenge again. There are some things that I am currently hesitating to challenge. Though, from this time on, I want to keep the importance of experience in mind, get rid of my fear of challenges and become a person who loves challenges.

It was good to have the valuable experience of reading good articles. Not only that, it was great to have a valuable experience that motivated me to write my thoughts in English after reading such a good article. And I want to have such an experience as in the movie ‘The Intern,’ which is also a good source for phrases. And I hope that many people who are going to read this article will be encouraged by it and challenge what they are currently hesitating to do.

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