Learn Current Affairs through KT
Learn Current Affairs through KT
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By Kim Su-gyeong
Sophomore of the Department of Food and Nutrition

By chance I found the September issue of the Kyungnam Times in the library and read it. The article I read with the most interest was the Argument & Fact section of Incheon International Airport Corp, which deals with the conversion of irregular workers into regular workers. The article described the controversy in detail, and the pros and cons were logically explained, so I could read the article with empathy. In fact, the issue of non-regular workers is an important matter that must be resolved. What if the government had actively exchanged opinions with the field workers before announcing the plan and more carefully proceeded it? Had it done so, I think conflicts and struggles with the government would have been greatly reduced. As a youth of Korea, I hope that the nation will listen to its people’s opinions with interest, grasp them accurately, and make reasonable decisions. Also, a job-related issue was so serious that it was dealt with the biggest issue at the time, the Korean government needs to continue to focus on job creation projects and fairness in the process.

Additionally, I think it is very beneficial for KT to cover not only school news but also articles about events that are now making headlines in society. Not only can I build up my common sense about current event, but I can also learn advanced vocabulary related to it. I am willing to continue to read KT.


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