KU Holds 6th Education Innovation Forum
KU Holds 6th Education Innovation Forum
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KT Reporter

KU hosted the 6th Kyungnam University Education Innovation Forum on August 25. Under the main theme of Experience the New Normal Age, the forum consisted of three sessions that share innovative university education models, trends in higher education, and various attempts and achievements related to teaching methods. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, only 50 pre-participants attended the forum, and it was broadcasted via YouTube live streaming for the members of the school who could not attend. Park Jae-yoon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said in his opening speech that "New Normal means a new standard that emerges as the times change. I hope that through the forum, Kyungnam University will find the value and direction of education paradigm that should be pursued throughout education and share various educational innovation cases and opinions." First of all, the first session, held under the theme of The Challenges of University Education in the New Normal Age, began with a presentation on the topic of Changes in Classes, Changes in Perspectives by Kim Myung-joon, a senior from the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy. Kim Soo-jin, a freshman from the Department of Mechanical Engineering made a presentation about the New University Diary in the Corona Era, Kim Sung-yeol, a professor of the Department of Education, Post-Corona Era University Issues and Tasks, Choi Sun-wook, a head of Office of Academic Affairs, The Current Status and Improvement of Remote Class Operation and Noh Sung-mi, a professor of Korean Education, A Case of Experimental Face-to-face Class Operation for the 1st semester of 2020. In the second session proceeded under the theme of “The Cases of Course Operation on Education Innovation,” many presenters had time to share various cases of educational innovation courses with each other. Lee Jin-hee, a professor of Education, made a presentation on a case of “PBL Course Operation,” Ahn Chae-rin, a professor of Cultural Contents, “Community (Industry) Linked Couse Operation,” and Park Jae-hee, a professor at the Graduate School of Education, "Capstone Design Course Operation,” respectively. The last session was proceeded under the theme of "The Best Cases and Discussions of University Innovation Support Projects." Kim Sun-young, director of the Center for Experience-Based Student Success, presented on "Results and Assignments of the operation of the FYE program for first-year college students' success," while Jeon Young-rok, president of the College of Liberal Arts, gave a presentation on "The 040 system for post-corona V generation is a New Normal of the University." Following all the presentations, Hong Jeong-hyo, head of the university's innovation support project group, and other heads of the center had time to report on the results of the university's innovation projects and collect opinions.


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