The Improvement of the Educational Environment in the COVID-19 Era
The Improvement of the Educational Environment in the COVID-19 Era
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KT Reporter

Since its opening in 1946, Kyungnam University has made a constant contribution to making it specialized and differentiated and its curriculum experience- and task-based through the collaboration of local community and KU. Strongly believing that such efforts will help open the bright future, KU has been doing its best to foster talents who are customized to meet the needs of the global area as well as the community.   

 I visited the Office of Innovation of University Education to find out what changes have been made to the educational environment amid the recent continued COVID-19 situation. KU’s Office of Innovation of University Education was established to support systematic and professional curriculum operation and performance management in connection with various educational support organizations in the school. Currently four centers are operating: Center for Teaching and Learning, Integrated Support Center for Extracurricular Education, Center for Evaluation of Educational Outcomes, and Center for Experienced-Based Student Success. And the Planning Team for Education Innovation is supporting the other four. Among them, the Center for Teaching and Learning, which is especially related to improving the educational environment, is developing and operating efficient teaching methods programs to enhance professors' teaching skills and effective learning methods programs to improve students' self-directed learning abilities. For this article, I interviewed the Head of the Office of Innovation of University Education to listen to the new K-HiT2 project at the teaching and learning center.


1. Q: When did the Institution for Innovation of University Education turn into the Office of Innovation of University Education and why was it changed?

A: Kyungnam University, which advocates a university with strong education, has made a full-fledged effort to develop education under the motto of student success education and experience-based education since many years ago, and has achieved considerable results. However, the future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the consensus that we should be proactive in preparing for the post-Corona era New Normal education have led us to seek new educational innovations. Of course, there is a sense of urgency to overcome the harsh conditions surrounding our universities, such as a decrease in the number of school-age people and worsening competitiveness of local universities. In this process, the Office of Innovation of University Education, which expanded and reorganized the Institution for Innovation of University Education under the existing Office of Academic Affairs, was launched in the second semester of 2020.

2. Q: Tell us what motivated you to pursue a teaching-learning model called K-HiT2 (Kyungnam High-Technology High-Touch) and what specifically this model is.

A: The K-HiT2 Professor-Learning Model refers to an optimized online and offline mixed education model using the latest Edu-Tech. This is a teaching-learning model focused on students’ experience, which provides the highest level of class content online and is organized by the professor in charge to support individual customized learning tailored to the learner's academic achievement level. This is a practical teaching-learning model that actively embraces the social needs and environmental changes surrounding the university, such as digital transformation and on-off-line convergence, and is expected to serve as a springboard for the innovational growth of our university.

3. Q: And if there is any difference between the existing content and the model, please tell me.

A: Unlike traditional contents, the K-HiT2 is designed to provide students with personalized learning. Although KU students have their own potential, it is true that group education makes it difficult to take customized classes tailored to their abilities. To overcome this, KU students first receive common learning through the standardized online content. After that, KU students will proceed offline with customized learning tailored to their individual abilities and needs. KU students will be able to maximize their potential and contribute to the development of universities and regions as well as individuals.

4. Q: How is your effort for K-HiT2 going and what are your plans for the future?

A: Currently, we are pushing for the establishment of Edu studio which is professors’ laboratory, development of high-quality video contents, establishment of KU-tube, and enhancement of E-campus for K-HiT2. In particular, we provided a web-based content production system for high-quality remote classes in response to the spread of COVID-19 this year and established an individual studio environment in more than 100 professors' laboratories besides public studios. We also greatly increased the capacity of LMS server for stable video streaming. In the future, to establish the K-HiT2 professor-learning system, we will carry out various projects such as building up the latest studios, supporting the development and production of high-quality online content, developing model of on-off mixed classes, and supporting the development of teaching methods. In addition, we will do our best to innovate education so that KU students can display their abilities and realize their dreams in the future society.

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