KU Selected as the Best University in University Innovation Support Project Annual Evaluation
KU Selected as the Best University in University Innovation Support Project Annual Evaluation
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KT Reporter

Kyungnam University received additional incentives for existing project costs by obtaining the highest-grade A in the annual evaluation of the university's innovation support project in 2019. This evaluation was conducted based on a total of six categories, including project performance, appropriateness of project cost execution, and appropriateness of project management efforts, among 143 universities nationwide selected for the project to support university innovation. In the meantime, KU has received about 4.6 billion won to cover business expenses to implement the program University that Innovates for Student Success and Contributes to the Region, and promoted four major innovations: curriculum innovation, High-Tech High-Touch learning-oriented teaching innovation, student guidance system innovation, and classroom environment innovation that supports Blended Learning. As a result, KU was highly praised for its keyword, college contributing to regional development. In addition, KU has been proven to have achieved many external awards and patent applications by establishing an experience-based teaching-learning system, including the development of smart workbooks that can link online content through QR codes, operating Hanma-Dream-High extracurricular programs for freshmen, and operating the Start-up Stepping Stone Package. An official from KU said, "With this annual evaluation, we have been recognized for our excellent educational capabilities and university competitiveness. I hope all members continue to make efforts to become a university that will further innovate and contribute to the community for the success of students."




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