Nuclear Power Could Be Desirable Future Energy Source
Nuclear Power Could Be Desirable Future Energy Source
  • By Cho Min-ji
  • 승인 2020.06.12 15:10
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A student from Yonsei University

Let me start my letter by giving a great appreciation to my sister Cho Hye-lin, a KT reporter, which she gave me a chance to express my thoughts about KT article. Since I’m majoring in the Integrated Science and Engineering Division, I have a great interest about energy generation trends and how they affect our planet. By reading KT, I was attracted by an article arguing about nuclear power. In this letter, I’m going to discuss my point of view on the article about nuclear power controversy.

According to the statistical review of World Energy, South Korea’s total primary energy consumption mostly depends on fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. But as time went by, the limitation due to finite deposit of fossil fuels led to the research and development of next-generation energy source, which is the nuclear energy. The most beneficial feature of nuclear powering is that it is source which can be replenished faster than being used. This is very important point because it leads to the conclusion that nuclear energy can compensate the weakness of existing fossil fuels.

In this point of view, it turns out that I have quite positive perspective of nuclear power. Even though nuclear power involves many risks, its magnificent efficiency makes it desirable future energy source.

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