The Way to Happiness
The Way to Happiness
  • By Lee min-kyeong
  • 승인 2020.06.12 15:08
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A junior of the Dept. of English Education

I have read KT and always thought that it was full of interesting topics. I used to think that I would like to put my writing on KT. Luckily, my best friend became a director of KT and gave me a chance that I can fulfil my dream. After reading the article to write, I found out that there is more useful information than I thought.

The most interesting article to me was ‘The Way to Happiness’ written by Han Hak-sun. The first way to be happy that she mentioned is thinking carefully and considering creatively. In modern society, people do not tend to think something carefully. Because If we want to get some information, we can get it just one click with smart phone. As the industry developed, there were more conveniences, but we lost the power to think. We should continue to think deeply and find out solution from one problem. The second way to get closer happiness is about human resources. We learn various values and norms by working with people. In addition, this interaction can enrich life. Finally, she mentioned patience and self-control, which is probably the most necessary quality for modern youth. All happiness comes from the consequences of patience. But many young people want to get something quickly and if they don't, they feel unhappy.

I think happiness is not as far away as we thought. Happiness depends only on one's mind. I know that there are lots of people who desire to find happiness. And this article will be useful for them. I hope everyone will be happy.


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