Useful Expressions to Help You Work Out at Home
Useful Expressions to Help You Work Out at Home
  • By Miseon Lee
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Professor at the department of English Education.

An unexpected surge of Corona 19 has changed our daily lives a lot. Some people say that we cannot go back into the world as it is before Corona 19. We have experienced a totally different way of living or surviving the sorrowful pandemic era. Unfortunately, we have been forced to stay at home in the state of a pseudo self-quarantine even if we are not positive of the virus. Keeping ourselves away from social gatherings and leisure activities is exhausting us, but it also makes us come up with many brilliant ideas to spend time at home. Have you ever made or tasted a bittersweet coffee(달고나 커피) which is sweeping on SNS as one of the best items we can enjoy while we are self-quarantined? Working out or exercising at home is another kick. Let’s stay healthy with these useful expressions when we follow up YouTube physical trainers at home.

1. Full Plank

- Make the inside of both elbows face each other, then relax your shoulders.

- Place your arms under the shoulder line and take care not to move your hands forward your shoulders.

- Keep your back and legs straight.

- Tight your stomach and butt muscles, and hold position for 60 seconds.

2. Bird Dog

- Stretch your right arm forward and stretch your left leg backwards

- Straighten your back and keep your arms and legs level with your back.

- Tight your stomach and butt muscles.

3. Down Dog

- Stretch your back thighs and calves. Don't bend your knees.

- Straighten your arms and shoulders and relax your back.

- Put your hips up to the ceiling and put your heels on the floor.

- Repeat two sets for 30 seconds.

4. Glute Bridge

- Lie down with your knees up.

- Lift the entire core by applying force to the hips. At this point, the entire muscles of the stomach, butt, and thigh are strained.

- Slowly lower your hips, then repeat raising them again.

- Repeat 3 sets of 20 times.

5. Squat

- Spread your legs shoulder width apart and your toes face forward.

- Slowly bend your knees and go down. Do not bend your upper body too much.

- Slowly straighten your knees and come up.

- Hold your hands straight forward or in front of your chest.

6. Lunge

- Stand upright and step one foot down to twice the shoulder width.

- At the same time, use thigh muscles by bending your knees. The upper body is straightened.

- Stretch your knees and bring your feet back.

- Repeat alternatively on both sides.

7. Burpee

- Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.

- Drop down to the ground placing your hands outside of your feet.

- As you place your hands on the ground, jump back with your feet landing on your toes into the plank position.

- Once in the plank position, lower yourself down to the ground as if you’re doing a push-up.

- Extend your arms back up into the air you’re going to drive through your toes.

- Thrust you knees into your chest.

- Land your feet inside of your hands

- Extend your legs jump in the air and raise your arms over your head.

- Continue to practice until you feel comfortable to move faster.



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