Architecture Students Win Award from Cultural Heritage
Architecture Students Win Award from Cultural Heritage
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By Kim Tae-hui
KT Reporter

KU students from the School of Architecture achieved glory to win the prize form the Cultural Heritage Administration in the 2020 Cultural Heritage Damage Prevention Day Award, held in February.

The Cultural Heritage Administration conducted a ‘Cultural Heritage Disaster Safety Policy Idea Contest’ for graduates and undergraduates from November 25th to December 31th, 2019. The contest was aimed at finding ways to improve the awareness of cultural heritage safety and expand safety culture which can be felt by the entire nation, and the way for disaster safety management for cultural properties. The team Geonmunji, composed by seniors from the School of Architecture, showed Wind Return Wall in this idea content. It is the equipment which protects cultural properties from flames.

Their work, Wind Return Wall, was evaluated to have met the criteria for evaluation and the students’ great creativity was superior to other works. Moreover, the work is also expected to be used for the development of cultural property disaster safety policy.


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