Using Nuclear Power Stations: Agree or Disagree
Using Nuclear Power Stations: Agree or Disagree
  • By Lee Do-hyeon
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:32
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KT Reporter

These days, nuclear power stations have become an important part of our lives because they give us a lot of electricity. However, many people make arguments about using nuclear power stations. On the positive side, some insist to keep using them because of efficiency of electricity production. The negative side insists not to keep using them because of their dangerousness. In this argument, my opinion is the same as the negative side. I do not think using nuclear power stations is a good choice because it has really dangerous risks compare to other power generations.

Firstly, nuclear power stations cause environmental issues. It needs cooling water to lower the temperature of plants during generating energy. Therefore, it is built near the river or sea. After using water, plants discharge cooling water to where it belongs. This water’s temperature is higher than surrounding water, so it increases the surrounding water’s temperature and can destroy the marine ecosystem. Secondly, it is the most hazardous disaster when incidents happen. You do not need to worry about when the plant is in normal condition, but you need to when incidents happen like in Fukushima. Massive amounts of radioactive materials and strong radiation can be released into the environment. Even if you are exposed to radiation over a short period of time, you would get symptoms of acute radiation syndrome. It involves a total dose of greater than 0.7 Gy (70 rads) that generally occurs from a source outside the body within minutes. They may involve a lot of syndromes and could be followed by death. Thirdly, nuclear power stations make nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is the material that nuclear fuel becomes after it is used in a reactor. This waste is highly radioactive, and remains for thousands of years. Therefore, it must be handled safely, but it is really difficult to do so. Lastly, nuclear power plants need a lot of money to build it. If you want to use this energy, you need to consider about the demolition cost, maintenance cost, and nuclear waste management cost.

More energies are needed as the country develops. Nuclear power stations are really efficient plants which make a lot of energy. Nevertheless, I disagree with using nuclear power stations by giving four reasons. To summarize, it is too risky to keep using nuclear power stations.

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