Marriage is a choice, not a duty!
Marriage is a choice, not a duty!
  • By Choi Hyo-jeong
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:30
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A junior of the Dept. of English Education

I think KT covers a variety of issues. Actually, this is my first to read through all of the articles of KT. I just found out that it has useful information as well as interesting articles. I regret that I have never read Kyungnam Times properly. It is an honor to write a letter to KT reporters and this will give me a lot of interest in KT.

The most interesting article to me was ‘Marriage: Is It Worth It?’ written by Jeon So-hyeon. I have always thought about the perception and necessity of marriage in Korea. In Korea, some people do not get married because they are afraid of getting divorced. There are people who think getting a divorce can be a flaw. In addition, married women suffer more hardships and pressure in their work places and homes. Many people still believe that women should do all chores, take care of children, and look after their husbands’ families. Some companies do not even employ married or pregnant women. Society requires a lot of sacrifice from women.

I thought marriage was a duty, so I was worried about getting married. Now, I don’t think marriage is not a duty. I agree with So-hyun’s opinion. Marriage is a choice. This article made me think carefully about marriage. I recommend this article to KU students who are concerned about marriage.


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