Hey YouTuber! Do Not Enter My Store!
Hey YouTuber! Do Not Enter My Store!
  • By Jeon So-hyeon
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:23
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KT Editor

Do you know that the most popular job among elementary school students is to be a YouTuber? Besides, you probably know that the realm of YouTube is expanding in your lives now. When you visit a restaurant, have you ever seen a restaurant with the phrase No Youtuber Zone? You might wonder why No YouTuber Zone came into being. The reason why it was created is similar to the reason why the No Kids zone was created. Many stores put up the phrase No Kids Zone. You may have probably heard this expression a lot. Even if employers give up part of their sales, they do not accept customers with children, because kids cause inconvenience for other customers. In this regard, the creation of No YouTuber Zone shows that some of the rude YouTubers have a negative impact on restaurants. However, not all YouTubers cause a negative impact. It can discriminate against well-intentioned YouTubers. Now, let's look at the reasons why it was created and discriminations that No YouTuber Zone could cause. Let's find out more about the reasons for creating a No YouTuber Zone.

  1. YouTubers Do Harm to Restaurant Owners

Everyone knows that YouTube channels on eating shows are increasing these days. These are nice to see people eating well, but it is doing a lot of damage to restaurant owners. For example, even though the owners of restaurants did not ask for advertising their restaurants, YouTubers ask for free meals as payment because of visiting restaurants and promoting the store. In addition, they go to popular restaurants and evaluate the taste openly. Therefore, it can make the restaurant owners feel bad. These YouTubers' personal negative assessments are causing the stores’ sales to drastically fall.

  1. Other Guests Can Not Eat Foods Comfortably

Fundamentally, the sound of YouTube filming itself disturbs other guests from eating in a quiet place. In some cases, YouTubers enter stores and install a camera on a narrow table. Other customers may avoid cameras, because they do not want to appear on YouTubers' videos. Therefore, guests cannot eat comfortably. There are even occasions when YouTubers ask for an interview with their cameras without the consent of the guests, which makes the guests feel unpleasant. There are also cases in which the guests’ face appears in the filmed video and is uploaded without blurring, so it causes infringements on the portrait rights of other guests.

  1. YouTubers Shoot Provocative Videos inside the Restaurant

There are many provocative contents to attract a lot of viewers’ attention. YouTubers also shoot provocative videos in restaurants to attract the attention of many viewers. For example, they suddenly dance and scream in quiet restaurants. In addition, they order only one bowl of rice without a main dish, and they request to refill the side dishes continuously. These actions can damage not only other customers but also restaurant owners.

Now, let’s find out discriminations that No YouTuber Zone could cause. Do you know vlog? It is a combination of video and blog, which refers to video content that captures one's daily life. These days, you can see a lot of vlogs on YouTube. YouTubers who shoot vlogs take videos at restaurants or cafes to record their daily lives. YouTubers do not harm others and just record themselves eating. You can notice that if you watch their videos. If such YouTubers are not allowed to enter restaurants, it could be discrimination for those who want to record their memories. In addition, you cannot record a video even if you want to introduce it without a price because the food is so delicious.

Is it discrimination to ban YouTubers' access to restaurant and cafe, or is it an inevitable choice to block YouTubers from causing a nuisance to others? It does not matter at all if YouTubers visit restaurants and simply take pictures or videos without the act of disturbance. Some of the rude YouTubers have made some excessive behavior, so No YouTuber Zone was created. There are many YouTubers who shoot videos with good intentions, but there are many YouTubers who do not. Therefore, I think it is up to the restaurant owners to decide whether or not to let the YouTubers into the restaurant. I think YouTubers should consider other customers even if they want to leave a memory as a video because other customers are often damaged. I think everyone will be able to enjoy their meals if YouTubers act with a little consideration for others.

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