KU Holds 2020 Industrial-Academic Cooperation Fair
KU Holds 2020 Industrial-Academic Cooperation Fair
  • By Choi Na-young
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:18
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KT Senior Reporter

LINC+ enterprise organism of KU (LINC+) held the 2020 industrial-academic cooperation fair on January 15th. The fair was hosted by the Ministry of Education and Gyenongnam to look back at the earned value for LINC+ and share the best examples of Industrial-academic cooperation. The topic of the fair was the cooperation by the region. Under the topic, there were various small sections such as project for developing common technologies among industry and study, support for making prototypes, and sharing good examples of the cooperation.

The fair was very crowded by attracting about 250 people including businessmen and local residents as well as Kang Jae kwan, the chief of Industry-academic cooperation foundation of KU. Presentations of the best examples were ‘developing filmed Toy robot’ and ‘promoting hidden treasures of a village’. In addition, a special lecture about online marketing strategy to export machineries was held. After that, a briefing session of new enterprises for 2020 followed. Thanks to the session, the audience could get information about main businesses plan for Changwon industry promotion agency, aiding plan for company, and ways to improve industries of Gyeongnam.


The awards ceremony was the last part of the fair. Great companies and professors were awarded. Chung sang yoon, Prof of Department of Media and Communication of KU, won the prize of great professors for Industrial-academic cooperation. Moreover, Seo ik jin, Prof of Department. of Economics of KU, won the prize of great professors for local collaboration. In addition, Cho kil soo, Prof of Department of Mechanical Engineering of KU, got the prize of great professors for work experience.

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