President Park Holds a Banquet for Visiting Professors
President Park Holds a Banquet for Visiting Professors
  • By Hwang Ye-jun
  • 승인 2020.03.14 14:16
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KT Reporter

President Park Jae Kyu held an annual meeting of visiting professors with the University of North Korean Studies (UNKS) on Jan 13, 2020. The Banquet was held to discuss the progress of North Korea-U.S. relations and the way to cooperate between South and North Korea. Moreover, the situation on the Korean Peninsula was discussed in this meeting.

Kim Yeon-chul, a Minister of Unification, started an opening remark in the meeting. He stressed, “In this difficult situation, it might be hard to achieve improvement in inter-Korean relations while cooperating with the international community, but I will do my best to make the situation better.” Lee Hye-jung, a professor of Chung-Ang university, pointed out that it is necessary for the South Korea-U.S. alliance to pursue security, a peace regime and denuclearization in a balanced and integrated manner. Cho Seong-ryul, a professor of UNKS, expected North Korea's actions to overcome a severe economic slump. He also said that such actions will affect the inter-Korean relationship and the situation on the Korean Peninsula in 2020.


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