Hong Ah-hyun from School of Business Administration Wins the Grand Prize for Idea of Utilizing Korea Safety Map
Hong Ah-hyun from School of Business Administration Wins the Grand Prize for Idea of Utilizing Korea Safety Map
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  • 승인 2020.01.20 13:10
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By Cho Hye-lin


Hong Ah-hyun from School of Business Administration won the grand prize, which was Minister Prize, at ‘The 6st Contest for Idea of Utilizing Korea Safety Map’ which was held at K-SAFETY EXPO last September. The contest was organized by the National Disaster Management Research Institute and the purpose was to improve ‘Korea Safety Map’ that provides all the integrated safety information so that people can handle safety dangers. The contest recruited various ideas about safety activity, applied cases on safety improvement, gave examples about new preventive services, and unique ideas from all over the country. 

Hong Ah-hyun completed the Big Data Convergence Future Leader course at the Big Data Center from the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, and she prepared the contest together with her brother, Hong Sung-eon. The subject of the presentation was prevention of children’s traffic accidents and a disaster response system through an AI machine learning technique. Her idea is going to be reflected in improvement of Korea Safety Map by the National Disaster Management Research Institute. 

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